At Credence Agri, we have our own farming operations for various commodities like castor, cotton, etc and for various fruits and vegetables, since 1989. We are also into contract farming for multinational companies like Pepsico, McCain and ITC for their demands for various commodities. Being farm owners, we are in direct touch with the farmers of the commodities we deal in and we source directly from them which enables us to be cost effective by eliminating the middlemen and by being fully informed about the crop position and market trend.

Processing and Warehousing

We have been into trading of commodities for over five decades now; therefore we know the market and market trends through the vast experience that we have gained over the years. We had undertaken backward integration and increased our portfolio and market penetration a long time ago by developing our own processing plants for Commodity processing. We have our own cotton processing unit, sesame processing unit and Spices and Oil seeds processing unit under our own management which lends us an edge in the market.


Trading in commodities was the foremost business that we had established over five decades ago which has now grown into an empire of giant proportions at the Agri-Commodity hub in India which is located at Unjha, Gujarat, India. Our goodwill and our long established relations which our clients speaks volumes of our scope and integrity with which we have conducted our business for so long and in the process have added to our value chain to deliver unmatched service and complete solutions to our clients for all agri commodities.